FAQ – What would you like to know before buy diamond painting kit from ALISA diamond paintings

Do all the needed beads/tools come with each diamond painting kit?

Yes, they do. Every kit includes (beside pre-printed canvas) colored beads and all necessery tools  for painting  with diamonds: tweezers, pen, plastic tray and wax.


What „FULL DRILL“ means?

Full drill means that the entire picture is covered with beads (square or round). Entire picture is pasting area.


Could you tell me the size of beads?

The square beads are 0,25 cm and round beads have diametar of 0,28 cm.


Do you have suggestion for a better way to see symbols?

 With Ultra-Thin A4 LED Light Pad you can see symbols better.

The light from the pad through the diamond painting canvas clearly illuminates the picture and symbols, which make painting with diamonds become easier.


Which countries are you ship to?

Visit our Shipping Policy and find full list of countries we ship to.


From which location my order is being shipped from?

We ship from 3 warehouses. Two of them are in China. Depending on which location your order is being shipped from, it normally takes between 8-20 days for delivery.


Why did I only receive part of my order?

We ship our products from different warehouses. As a result, diamond painting kits and accessories within the same order may be shipped from different parcels. So, your order may arrive in multiple packages and arrive at slightly different time. Each package is assigned a different tracking number. 

Some items in your order may arrive before others. When this happens, it is likely that the remaining items in your order are still in transit and will arrive very soon.


How do I get beads that are missing in my diamond painting kit?

Rarely (due to the large number of orders) it may happen that some beads are missing in the set. We’ll be happy to send you missing beads - no extra charge. Just contact us at office@alisadiamondpaintings.com and send us the color code sheet that came in diamond painting kit.


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