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What we offer

No matter whether you are beginner or expert, you can be
sure that with Alisa diamond paintings you will find appropriate diamond painting kit for you. Our offer consists of full coverage square and round diamond painting kits, various sizes and a new generation of diamond painting multi-picture compositions.

Diamond art kits include printed canvas, beads (colorful diamonds arranged in order of coding) and toolset - plastic tray (plate), glue (wax) and pen (applicator tool).

Diamond painting is not expensive and provide hours of enjoyment. Explore our Diamond Painting Collection list and find the right shimmering work of art for you.

No registration needed.

We provide free shipping for all diamond painting kits.

What Is Diamond Painting

Diamond painting is a relatively new and easy-to-do creative form, very similar to cross-stitch and paint-by-numbers.
You don't need to be talented for arts, or to have any basic skill.
Diamond painting is a great and creative way to decrease stress, relax and enjoy your free time by making something unique.

Also, diamond painting kits are a special gift for all occasions, for your siblings, relatives, friends, business partners, colleagues. Especially, framed diamond painting is a great gift for someone who just moved in into a new house or office, and needs a personality on their currently blank walls.

Relax, and make your creativity happen!!!