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You will surely like a diamond painting!

Eiffel Tower full coverage diamond art painting kits




 Diamond Painting Step-By-Step

     Sunflowers full coverage diamond painting kit 


This relaxing and easy craft goes by a couple of names: 5D Diamond Painting, Paint With Diamonds, Diamond Embroidery, Diamond Cross-Stitch, Diamond Dotz, Diamond Mosaic etc.

You don't need to be talented for arts, to have any basic skills for cross stitch or mosaic to create wonderful wall decor. Every finished diamond painting is glittering but not irritating. 

The road to make a complete 5D diamond painting picture is always a little challenging but guarantees remarkable results.

 5d diamond painting kits flowers       Paint With Diamonds Beach Landscape          

So LET'S START and make diamond painting step-by-step:

1. Open your diamond painting kit. Every kit includes printed canvas, beads (colorful diamonds arranged in order of coding) and toolset (plastic tray, pen for diamond painting and glue).

5d DIY diamond painting step-by-step kit, ALISA diamond paintings, diamond embroidery cross stitch 

„Colorful diamonds” are much like pixels on a computer, but when put together on a canvas they shine like a diamond and form wonderful artwork.


 2. Carefully review the canvas. On the side of the canvas is a chart with numbers which correlates to the numbers on the pre-printed chart (looks like a cross- stitch).

diamond painting kit rhinestones - how to make diamond paintings step-by-step

Diamond packages can be marked with a name, a symbol, a letter, or a color number.

3.The design of the fabric is covered with a protective plastic film. When you remove this plastic film, the area of the chart will be sticky.

DO NOT to remove the whole piece of plastic at once. Instead, slowly remove the plastic film while you are working.

5d DIYdiamond painting kit canvas - diamond paintings embroidery step-by-step

If you take a break from your project, re-cover your work in progress with plastic foil. This protects your project from collecting dust or drying and losing stickiness.

4. Pull back the plastic layer from the glue. Add a little glue to the top of the pen.

5d DIY diamond painting kit pen - how to make diamond embroidery step-by-step

5. Put the diamonds in the plastic tray. Take the time to position the diamonds with the flat side down (the diamonds need to be in this position to use the pen). Press the tip of the pen to the rounded side of the diamond.

5D DIY DIAMOND PAINTING plastic tray - diamond paintings cross stitch embroidery instruction

6. Pull back the plastic film to uncover the area you are working on. Then put diamonds in the correct place marked on canvas. (It is easiest to start at the left top of the design.)

how to diamond painting step-by-step, diamond embroidery cross stick project progress

And remember, if you take a break from your project, re-cover your work in progress with plastic foil. This protects your project from collecting dust or drying and losing stickiness.

5d Diamond Painting Kits Rainbow Heart       Square Drill Diamond Paint Wolves Alisa Diamond Paintings


7. After positioning the last diamond, put the protective plastic film over the top of the painting. Then put some heavy books on top of the canvas overnight or just gently rub the canvas with your hands instead. Go over a couple of times, and when you are completed all beads should be attached.

8. The best thing about this craft is that with little instruction a magnificent piece of art is created. Display your artwork.

finished diamond painting artcraft project, wall decor

    Sunflowers full coverage diamond painting kit


Relax, and make your creativity happen!


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I need help please. My friend gave me lot of unused round drills of different colour, and its nice to experiment something to pass my time. Anyway I am 75 living alone. Probably I need a blank self-adhesive canvas lets say 40 by 40 cm. But my problem is how I try to do like a picture myself, so that I use all the colourful round drills that my friend gave me. Can you help me by advice me what I need and how to start? Thank you..Regards
Anthony Saliba

Anthony Saliba

My diamond painting pages are already finished but I do not know how to join the pages.
Pls help on this. Thank you

I have several pages of square beads diamond painting. I don't know how put together the pages eg 1,2 top then 3,4 at the bottom.

I’m in the process of purchasing my first kit. I am wondering what the numbers in the first column on the grid means. I understand the 2nd and 3rd columns. Thank you!


I need to purchase a book telling me how to do diamond art craft. Any instructions on the computor won’t let me print it. I need this as a gift for a retired friend who wants to start doing this craft


Carla, there is a little round disc that you put the stuck beads in and you twist it and it separates the beads. I don’t know what its called but try looking for a bead “grinding” tool. Good luck!


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